Temporal change of sender email address from Rim Intelligence


  To valued customers,

  We will temporarily change the sender email address of our daily reports from
"rimreport@rim-intelligence.co.jp" to "rimreport@rim-intelligence.info". If you automatically receive our reports from the address of "rimreport@rim-intelligence.co.jp", please change it temporarily to "rimreport@rim-intelligence.info". We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  For the past few days, several identical reports have been sent from us to some subscribers. That was due to a trouble at the email server provided by Microsoft. Microsoft told us that it could take four to six weeks to fix the trouble.

  When the trouble is solved, we will revert to the address "rimreport@rim-intelligence.co.jp". Please kindly understand the situation.

Rim Intelligence Co

Technical dept.