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Lecture services

Rim Intelligence provides lecture services on energy markets. In addition to explaining our price assessment methodology, our reporters, who are well-versed in trading information and market movements, conduct lectures on various energy markets.

These lecturers are especially suitable as an internal course within the company for existing staff or new employees. They are also useful in seminars and conferences. We can tailor the lecturers according to your needs.

~Examples of popular topics for lecture services~

Prolonged severance of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Qatar

~Impact on oil and gas imports by Asian countries such as Japan? Shift away from Middle East as supply source?

Re-organization of Japanese refiners

~How will supply/demand of oil products look in Japan?

Lecture services topics

1.Basic knowledge on energy and trading markets

2.International situation from energy perspective

3.Regarding oil refining


1.Basic knowledge of energy and trading markets

  • Power ~Understand spot power market~
    • Basics of spot power market
    • Understand deregulation of power market in 60 minutes
  • Crude ~Basic knowledge of crude~
    • What is Dubai crude? Dubai crude price movements
    • Why is Dubai crude an Asian benchmark?
    • Trends in crude imports by consuming countries
  • LPG ~Understanding supply/demand from spot prices~
    • Understanding latest movements in LPG industry from price information
    • Global LPG supply/demand and price movements
    • Autogas market and LPG prices
  • LNG ~Mechanisms for LNG pricing~
    • Why is LNG demand rising?
    • LNG value chain from producing countries to consuming countries
    • Natural gas quality
  • Gasoil ~Gasoil exports and prices~
    • Profitability of export, export volumes
    • Refining margins for gasoil
  • Oil products ~Basic lecture suitable for those involved in trading~
    • Sales of oil products
    • Gasoline procurement
    • Basic knowledge of spot market
  • Petrochemicals ~Basic knowledge of petrochemicals~
    • Types of petrochemical products (olefins, aromatics)
    • Production of main petrochemical products
    • Spot market (olefins, aromatics)

2.International situation from energy perspective

How does energy-related news that we see every day affect our lives? Rim coordinators with long experience in energy markets explain the global economy and international politics from an energy perspective.

  •  - Understanding energy geopolitical risks from news
  •  - US energy strategy as seen from the Middle East
  •  - Aftermath of severance of diplomatic ties with Qatar – Shortage of helium supply
  •  - Sanctions on Russia cast shadow on Nordstream project planned by US and Europe
  •  - South China Sea – Vietnam to develop oil fields forcibly? China to intervene?
  •  - UK asking oil industry to reduce scrapping costs of oil rigs in continental shelf, moves to stop shale fracking rekindled in Scotland
  •  -Shale – Major oil field service companies restarting, fears of environmental degradation rekindled

3.Regarding oil refining

Few people working in the oil industry fully understand oil refining. Rim provides lectures on the basics of oil refining suitable for people with no prior knowledge of the topic.

  •  Refinery process flow
    •  -  Oil refining basics① Understanding refineries ~Basis knowledge of crude and CDUs~
    •  -  Oil refining basics② Basic petrochemicals necessary for oil refining ~What is PONA? What is octane value?~
    •  -  Oil refining basics③ Secondary units ~Role of desulfurizer, reformer, FCC~


We tailor the energy-related lectures to your needs

Actual services provided

We can combine several topics into a multifaceted seminar. Feel free inquire with us.

【1 day course】 Morning:Energy-related topic
   ・Dubai crude price movements + Exports and price movements of gasoil
   ・Understanding geopolitical risks from news
Afternoon:Self understanding workshop
   ・Accepting and sharing difference viewpoints and values in an organization and improve communication

Comments from participants

  • Role of Rim prices in oil market
    • “I could roughly grasp the overall supply/demand situation from price movements. Further, I enjoy reading Rim reports more after learning how Rim performs price assessment.”
  • Japan spot power market movements: Predicting the future from past and present
    • “I heard a lot about deregulation of the power market but did not know what actually was deregulated. After attending Rim’s lecture, I understand how trading was conducted.”
  • Spot LNG market and supply/demand situation after Mar 2011 earthquake
    • “I realized the tremendous impact on global LNG supply/demand after the March 2011 earthquake in Japan. I find it interesting that we can look at the supply/demand situation from price movements.”
  • Global LPG supply/demand and price movements
    • “Rim was the first that taught me about spot trading in the international market, knowledge that I could not have obtained from information from Japanese suppliers alone. The contents of the lecture were impressive and the fess were reasonable.”
  • Refinery process flow
    • “Until now, I have been inside a refinery and could only imagine the process of manufacturing oil products. Rim provided many diagrams and graphs in its lecture, making it easy to understand.”

How to use lecture services


STEP2Meeting and speaker proposal



STEP5Final check before lecture

STEP6Lecture conducted


We will customize the fees according to the contents, number of participants, number of speakers, venue, duration etc.


*Printing of research/lecture materials for distribution to be discussed

Examples of past lecture services fees

Example: 1 speaker, 10 participants, 3 hours: Yen 150,000 plus transportation fee

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Terms of Use

Start of Service

After conditions such as the topic and date and time are finalized, an application form received from the user by fax or email constitutes a formal agreement.


After the agreement started, Rim may terminate this service should circumstances arise making it difficult for Rim to conduct this service.


Usually to be arranged by the user. Rim, however, can also arrange the venue.


For lecture services fees and other charges in Japan, our invoice will include consumption tax.

Payment is to be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice by telegraphic transfer to a bank account specified by Rim. Fess for the telegraphic transfer shall be borne by the user.

Other charges

Expenses incurred by the speaker for transportation, accommodation, meals, if these became necessary, will be added to the lecture services fee.

Depending on the contents, the speaker may bring along an assistant. In such a case, the assistant’s transportation, accommodation and meal costs, where necessary, will be borne by the user.

Printing of lecture materials will be charge at cost.

Cancellation Charges

After the agreement started, if the user wishes to cancel the service, the following cancellation charges apply.

*Cancellation charges (including the day of travel by speaker)

Up to 14 days before start of travel by speaker 100% of lecture services fee
15-30 days before 50% of lecture services fee
31 days before 30% of lecture services fee

Cancellation charges are to be paid within 7 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Japan) of the cancellation of the service. Consumption tax will be added to the cancellation charges for services provided in Japan.

Copyrights and Other Intellectual Property Rights

Voice recordings, video recordings and streaming of lectures are prohibited. Photography is also not permitted. The user of the service is to announce on the day of the lecture that taking photographs using mobile phones and other devises is not allowed. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights pertaining to the lecture shall be owned by Rim and not passed to the user. Whether for commercial purposes or note, permission from Rim is required if the user wishes to use the contents of the lecture in other ways.

Unauthorized use of all or part of the lecture materials for similar seminars is strictly prohibited. No portion of the lecture materials shall be copied, reproduced or retransmitted without permission from Rim. Materials obtained during the lecture service shall not be copied or reproduced into similar materials.

Personal Information

Personal information obtained by Rim during the course of the user’s application for this services shall be used only for this service and not be disclosed to a third party.

Force Majeure

In the case where the speaker is unable to attend due to unforeseen disaster, accident, troubles, Rim shall try to make alternative arrangements such as sending a replacement speaker. However, Rim shall not be responsible for any damages to the user because of this.


In the case where Rim is responsible to pay damages concerning this agreement, such damages shall be limited to the lecture fees.

Changes to Terms of Use

Rim may make amendments including additions or deletions to these terms of use without prior notice to the user. The amendments shall be effective when the user is informed by fax or email.

Rejection of Antisocial Forces

Rim and the user may immediately terminate the agreement, in the case where the other party, or executive, officer, agent or any other employee of the other party is found to be an antisocial organization such as a gangster organization, crime syndicate, advocacy of social movements or a criminal organization for special intelligence, to be a member of such an antisocial organization, to have capital ties or transaction with such an antisocial organization, or to have committed antisocial acts.


Any matters not included in the above shall be discussed and agreed between Rim and the user.

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