Service Information

Service Information

About the Rim Trading Board

The Rim Trading Board, which can be accessed via our website, shows bids and offers as well as deals done in real time.
This trading information will be considered for price assessments in our various daily reports.
Details on the methodology can be found on our website under "Assessment Methodology".

Brief description of the Trading Board

Types of oil and gas products

Can be selected from Japanese Domestic Products, Japanese Domestic LPG, International Crude, International Products, International LPG, International LNG and International Petrochemicals.

Regarding latest and historical information

Deals entered after 10am Tokyo time on a particular day will be shown as "Newest" while information entered before that would be under "History".
Historical information can be viewed up to three months prior.

To search for deal information<

Search for deal information by specifying conditions.
For Japan Domestic Products, the delivery points for truck cargoes and barge cargoes are different. If "Others" is selected, the search will show results not related to that item..

Concerning the display

Selecting "All" displays one table with all bids, offers and deals done.
Selecting "Bid", "offer" and "contracted" individually is also possible. In this case, only bids or offers or deals done are displayed.